Nokia W7 & W8, The First Nokia WP7

By: Infocellular

Currently, Nokia is preparing carefully Windows Phone 7 (WP7), which will be released in 2012. Had been leaked out, Nokia W7 and W8. Like what?

The first leak WP7 phones was presented by the 'antagonistic' leaders timeless Nokia, the technology analyst Eldar Murtazin from Russian. Through Twitter account he was leaking a little detail these two phones.

"In one words - W7, W8 will be the first Nokia WP7 phones :) W7 like HTC Mozart, W8 - N8 variant (chipset TBD" wrote @eldarmurtazin.

In addition, he also revealed that in 2012 there were 12 phone would be released by Nokia WP7. In addition to two mobile phones, according to Eldar, Nokia still Develop four prototype more with a new form factor.


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