Samsung Galaxy SII Benchmark Test

By: Infocellular
Samsung Galaxy S II is often categorized as Android 'savage'. Phones that in some areas will be released with 1.2 GHz dual core processor is reported to have tested benchmarks and the results are quite startling.

Yes, the first benchmark test Quadrant Galaxy S II came out with a score of 3053. Practically, the handset which will be marketed starting this April outperformed other Android phones, even fellow Dual Core handsets like the HTC Sensation.

As quoted from Know Your Mobile, Thursday (04/14/2011), HTC Sensation also has a test benchmark. And the result is 1898, quite far from the Galaxy S II.

It is Quadrant test is often considered is not the best test to measure the performance of a smartphone. But at least the scores to describe what kind of strength S Galaxy II.

The latest news, Samsung Galaxy S II Gingerbread based on Android will be released in two versions. A 1GHz processor with dual core and another one with 1.2 GHz dual core.


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