HTC Wildfire S To Launch In UK On May, 13th

By: Infocellular
The smallest of HTC’s S trio, the HTC Wildfire S, is now available on pre-order in the UK. It's set to launch on 13 May. You have a choice between getting the Gingerbread droid on a contract or SIM-free from several retailers.

The SIM-free HTC Wildfire S will be shipping some time in May. seem to be the ones shipping it first, starting 13 May for £230 (€260, $375). Amazon has it on pre-order for the same amount of cash but the shipping date is set to 22 May.

Then there’s Clove UK, which has priced the Wildfire S at £238 and will ship pre-ordered phones in “late May”. Expansys has it too (in black or white) but their pre-order page doesn’t list a price or shipping date yet.

Vodafone UK has had the HTC Wildfire S as “coming soon” for quite a while now (they still do) but there's nothing new (no price, date or plan info). Other UK carriers should pick it up as well.

While you’re pondering if it’s worth the wait for a rehashed HTC Aria, you should consider the HTC Desire S, which is going for £400 (was £410).



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