18 Million iPhone Sold In 3 Months On 2011

By: Infocellular
Apple iPhone continues to consumer demand. In the first three months of 2011, Apple announced the iPhone sold 18.65 million units. Increased 113 percent than the same period last year.

Its best-selling iPhone is Contribute to Apple's earnings accounted for some USD 5.9 billion in the period from January to March 2011. Meanwhile, Apple's total revenue amounted to USD 24.67 billion.

In that period, Apple sold 4.69 million of the iPad, which partly contributed by iPad 2. Then 3.76 million by Mac computers and iPods as much as 9.02 million.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs was delighted with the sales data. Jobs are still being treated for this disease claimed Apple was 'raging' in all of its product line.


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