When Mobile intruding The water

By: Infocellular
There is always a possibility of cell phone fell into the water accidentally, or soaking wet when you hit the rain. Though electronic goods is very vulnerable to damage if exposed to water. Before you rush to a technician fix it, you should first try to save the cell phone. Who knew your cell phone without the need to recover to the garage. Consider the following tips:

  • If your phone is submerged, remove the phone from the water as soon as possible to prevent the component parts of the contaminated water. In some cases, mobile phone casing is tight enough to prevent water seepage. But this will only last for several tens of seconds.
  • Immediately remove the battery from the phone. Angatlah cut off the flow of resources essential to minimize the possibility of damage to the phone. Several electronic circuits otherwise can remain in a state of wet, if not connected with resources.
  • Immediately remove your SIM card as well to prevent possible damage or loss of data. You certainly do not want your important phonebook or SMS disappeared. Let your SIM card until it is completely dry before you check its condition.
  • Dry the phone until it is completely dry. Use a cloth that can absorb water. If there is, also use a hair dryer hair dryer alias. But make sure your phone do not get too hot. Do not also put it in the microwave. Phones that are too hot can explode reported.
  • The test condition of your phone after it is completely dry. If the phone crashes, check whether your cell phone or battery is damaged, using a spare battery. If only the battery that is damaged, you simply buy a new one.
  • If all the steps you have done but the phone still had damage, what may make, you seem to have to rely on phone service technician. But remember, you should look for a trusted mobile phone technician


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