Nokia E7 vs iPhone 4

By: Infocellular
The Nokia E7 and the Apple iPhone 4 are very popular devices at this point of time. The Nokia E7 has the advantage of having a slide-out full Qwerty keyboard, but this adds to the weight of the Nokia E7, which is a full 40 grams more than the Apple iPhone 4.

The Nokia E7 has a 4-inch screen, larger than the 3.5-inch screen of the Apple iPhone 4. Both screens are 16M colour capacitive touchscreens.

The Apple iPhone 4 has a faster processor at 1GHz against the 680 MHz processor of the Nokia E7. However, the Nokia E7 has an 8-megapixel main camera against the 5-megapixel main camera of the Apple iPhone 4.

Of course, each device comes with what the Nokia boss calls 'its own ecosystem', which translates into a whole range of support services and applications that are unique to each device. Apple has its App store and its programs and services, while Nokia has its Ovi store and its programs and services. Each one is independent of the other, but many developers have hedged their bets by making versions of their software for each platform, and of course, for the increasingly-dominant Android OS as well.

However, looking at the current prices of both devices, the Apple iPhone 4 is a lot more expensive when it is unsubsidised. The unsubsidized Apple iPhone 4 is a full RM 1000 more than the unsubsidised Nokia E7. I think the Apple iPhone 4 has its brand strength, but the Nokia E7 brings a better camera and a slide-out keyboard to the mix.

An extra RM 1000 seems like a bit too much to pay, but at the same time we must consider that the Symbian OS of the Nokia is to be phased out in favour of a Windows operating system as the result of their recent partnership with Microsoft.

There are numerous payment schemes for the Apple iPhone 4, even some where the local Malaysian Telco has a zero down payment offer. However, it would cost quite a lot of monthly payments to ransom the Apple iPhone 4 from its contract. Before that contract time is up you would likely find that an Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPhone 6 are already out there, on sale.

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