Mozilla Thunderbird

By: Infocellular
Mozilla hopes that Firefox can equal the success of their brother, Firefox. Therefore they were preparing a new strategy.

So far, Thunderbird email client services are managed by a group called 'Thunderbird Group'. However, apparently under the group 'the thunder bird' could have significant financial improvement.

Well, because that Mozilla also has prepared a backup plan. Eventually Thunderbird will become part of Mozilla Lab. There Thunderbird will change its name to the Mozilla Messaging, and not to profit but will focus research center.

"Now we will lead the innovation of this group in which the Mozilla Lab will focus on online communication and social interaction on the web," said Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation Chairman, on his blog.

He also continued, that in recent years has changed the world wide web. The biggest changes is the use of web for communication and social interaction on the internet. That's why Mozilla messenging would also jump to the web messaging.

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