Mozilla Fire Fox 4 ready to launch

By: Infocellular
Mozilla reportedly quietly released the final version of Firefox 4 before its official announcement, scheduled on 22 March. Therefore, this popular browser has been available for download on the Linux operating system, Mac OSX and of course Windows.

Quoted from Thinq on Monday (3/21/2011), the download link is hidden at the Mozilla Foundation website, with the main page still shows Firefox 3.6. For those interested in downloading Firefox 4, some sites already provide.

Of course there are improvements in Firefox 4 than previous versions. Fire fox Browser is claimed faster in loading web pages or at start. Claimed, he was speeding 3.5 x more than Firefox 3.6.

Inevitably, competition in the browser realm more heated with the Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer as its main players. Previously, Internet Explorer version 9 also has released by Microsoft with a number of additional features. It is worth waiting for who would prevail.

You can find download link for Mozilla Fire Fox 4 in our Free Download page.

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