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Microsoft officially released the final version of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), the newest Internet browser, with a number of advantages. Some analysts said, IE 9 is a huge leap forward than previous IE versions.

Waiting two years from IE 8 is the end. Some new breakthroughs made ​​Microsoft to maintain its market share. Among them by presenting the performance and speed much better. IE 9 also appear more presentable. No less than Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox 4.

IE9 More Clean and Tidy

In the first view, Internet Explorer 9 little like Google Chrome or Opera with initial tabs its had. In Addition, IE9 also equipped the new download manager.

Unlike most previous version which is full of options, IE9 look cleaner now. This is because the URL field is parallel to the browser tab. In addition, a new notification IE9 that appears at the bottom of the browser.

Just like Google Chrome, users can also directly perform a search on the URL column when the toolbar Bing IE9 is turned. If you get bored, the toolbar can be replaced with other search sites.

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