Mozilla Fire Fox 4 For Mobile

By: Infocellular
After the release of Firefox 4 for desktop browsers, Mozilla also launched the final version of Firefox 4 which is devoted to mobile devices, particularly the Android operating system. Previously, a beta version for mobile browser is called Fennec.

Mozilla Firefox 4 also claims three times faster than the default browser on Android. But some users complain about the performance of this fire fox browser on their smartphone.

"They say so much faster than existing browsers, but it takes twice as long to open"wrote a user who has downloaded it in the Android Market.

This browser not support flash, but rely on HTML5, CSS and other web standards for rendering video content and animation. This may be quite disappointing some users.

Quoted from Computerworld on Wednesday (03/30/2011), Firefox 4 for Android offers a multi-tab interface, use the feature 'Awesome Bar' found on the desktop version. Firefox 4 is available free on Android Market with a size of about 14MB. In addition to Android, there are also versions for OS Maemo on the Mozilla site.

Android OS that can download is version 2.0 and above. But apparently not all Android handsets can operate Firefox 4. Some users have reported Droid Motorola Firefox 4 does not work in the handset.
Download FireFox 4 for mobile

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