How To Stop iOS Tracking On Your Apple Gadgets

By: Infocellular
You’ve probably heard by now about the detailed log your iOS device keeps of your movements. Well, now there’s a tool to prevent that plus some more clarity on the issue, which as it turns out is neither new nor unique.

iOS has offered location services from the start - you know, pinpointing your location using Cell-ID and Wi-Fi hotspots. Early devices used Google and Skyhook databases to do that, but since iOS 3.2 Apple has been building up their own database - which is why Apple needs to collect such statistics. Data is annonimized and sent over an encrypted channel.

The real issue is that a file kept unencrypted on your iGadgets holds a record of all your movements from about an year ago and that file is copied to any computer you’ve synced it to and any backups you might have made.

Not sure what this is about? CNN and other news sites have been going on the last day about the fact that location services stores your location history in a database on your device called consolidated.db. The news sites makes a big fuss about this and has gotten everyone all up in arms over privacy issues. Nonetheless, people are upset over it since the news made a fuss, so the jailbreak community provides you a fix for it.

Now, understand what this is. In its current state, this is a process daemon that runs every 5 minutes if the device is not asleep and clears the location data off your device. Search for untracker in cydia and install it.

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