Apple Will Fix 3G Issues Of iPad 2

By: Infocellular
iPad 2 reported problems in the 3G connection. Apple acknowledges this issue and are investigating. Although it was not clear what steps to do to fix it, Apple reportedly quickly released an update IOS 4.3.2 as a solution to the problem.

According to Apple sources, IOS 4.3.2 update will fix various issues on the iPad 2. In addition about 3G issues, the update will solve the problem at FaceTime feature which is also sometimes does not work perfectly.

As quoted from PadGagdet, Tuesday (04/12/2011), IOS 4.3.2 update will also fix some security holes in WebKit.

According to media reports Boy Genius Report, IOS update 4.3.2 will be released next week by Apple. However, there has been no information from Apple about this news.

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