Blackberry Messenger 6.0 Coming Up

By: Infocellular
While we still don't have all the newness of BlackBerry Messenger 6.0, we do know a few things thus far that get us pretty excited. The newest version of BlackBerry Messenger should show up with OS 6.1 (whenever that is) and bring along some new features and looks with it.

So far we know that BBM will sport the fancy new 6.1 icons within the app itself. So no more boring icons and instead you get the fun colored ones that you'll grow to love. Also, from the looks of things you'll be able to change colors for contacts and chats, so you can pick and choose what color to match with what contact. Aside from that just some eye candy for now. While you may come across the leaked BBM 6.0 floating around, we highly suggest you do not try to install it - trust us on that one. Keep reading for more images.

Until now there has been no official details about the OS 6.1 release date issued by RIM. Some predict RIM will introduce an update of this BBM in the event the BlackBerry App World, May 2011.

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