BBM Coming To iPhone Next Month

By: Infocellular
If you have ever used a BlackBerry, you are probably aware of the BBM phenomenon. RIM's proprietary BlackBerry Messenger is a versatile utility praised by its fans worldwide, but so far its span has been limited since it only runs on BlackBerry handsets.

However, there is a slight chance of seeing BBM on iOS devices in the near future. Supposedly, at a recent social media conference held in Toronto, Canada, RIM's co-CEO Jim Balsillie mentioned the company's intentions to bring BlackBerry Messenger to the iPhone by making it available for download through the App Store on April 26. Furthermore, an update to RIM's instant messenger may land later this summer taking advantage of a new “notification system.”

Due to the nature of BBM's way of operation, we remain rather skeptical about this rumor and we wish we could verify its credibility. After all, using the messenger requires you to have a unique PIN code, which is hardwired to a particular BlackBerry smartphone, and a workaround to the issue has not been mentioned yet. Could this be an early April fool's joke?

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