BlackBerry Playbook Is Confirmed Can Run Android

By: Infocellular
Research In Motion (RIM) finally reveals the BlackBerry mainstay features Playbook. Although today is still a rumor, but RIM has been to ensure that the tablet PC will be able to run the flagship of Android applications.

In its press statement, RIM said that the Playbook will support Java and Android applications to take advantage of the ability 'app players'. In addition, support is also addressed to C / C + + development support, HTML5, Flash, and AIR support.

Of course this news is so welcome by the BlackBerry and Android lovers. Because the Playbook with the Android's ability would be a promising collaboration.

The story of cooperation both have been published officially to the public. And it seems to these features champion, the Blackberry Playbook more confident entering the tablet PC world market.

Playbook itself is scheduled to lift off on April 19, 2011 visited the United States and Canadian markets first. As for the Indonesian market, still less should be more patient, with the possibility of new Playbook visited in May.

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