D-One Texas, Hybrid Phone With 3 On

By: Infocellular
Currently, cell phone hybrid that carries the dual GSM and CDMA consumer demand is more and more because practical and do not have to bother carrying a lot of phones. This market is trying to do by the D-One.

D-One tried to introduce Texas DM-309 mobile phone which is a 3 on GSM + GSM + CDMA with navigation systems that already use the trackpad to operate the menu.

For GSM number, the number of active can be selected one of them. But the number of CDMA will be always on and can not be disabled.

D-one Texas bandaged from a plastic material and comes in three colors, red, black and white, and use the LCD screen measuring 2.4 inches. On the phone is available a 3.5-mm audio port for headset usage needs.

In addition is also available a microSD slot in the battery bay, which for its own battery of this phone using a type 1050 mAh Li-ion rechargeable.

D-One Texas DM-309 is equipped with dual cameras, one on the front precisely on the LCD, and another in the back. Rear camera can record images in any condition. While the front of the camera functions to support the video chat feature or self portrait.


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