Windows Phone 7 Update Now Available, Bring Copy Paste

By: Infocellular
Microsoft has started to distribute its first full Windows Phone 7 update.

The company began pushing out “NoDo” to devices on Tuesday after a number of device ROMs leaked to the Internet early. Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 platform update features copy and paste and a whole lot more.
Windows Phone users who received the “NoDo” update early on Tuesday have confirmed that Microsoft is pushing out build 7390 under the “Windows Phone Update – March 2011″ push.

Microsoft is slowly distributing the update to a number of unbranded devices worldwide and owners should see the update notification shortly. Carrier branded devices are a whole different story. A number of mobile operators, Orange, O2 and AT&T blocked the first Windows Phone 7 patch update when it was originally released. It’s not yet clear when carrier branded devices will receive update notifications. WinRumors understands that O2 UK should be pushing the update to its range of devices on March 24 in early April.

And here link to watch the video showing the copy and paste functionality in action.

According to Win Rumors, Microsoft is already working on the next big software version for its Windows Phone platform. It's codenamed Mango and should actually come with its own version number, most likely 7.5.

Mango should brings a host of new features, including multitasking, Internet Explorer 9, SkyDrive integration and Twitter people hub support.

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