iPhone 5 Leaks

By: Infocellular
After the Apple iPhone era 4, the Apple's handset innovative is re-awaited audience. iPhone 5 - thus the name for the latest generation iPhone - reportedly included in the testing stage of production.

Quoted from Cellular News, on Thursday (03/24/2011), the iPhone 5 is expected to pitch to the surface in the third quarter of 2011.

Another leak that had previously been warmed is related to large iPhone 5 screen, which supposedly will appear wider than the iPhone 4 version. That is a 4 inch from the previous 3.5-inch only.

The China Times adds, changes will occur slightly on the side of the antenna, where the embedded antenna will be designed curved, different from the original version.

Then iPhone 5 also rumored will carry the NFC chip and the body will be covered with metal chassis.

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