Google Hold On Android 3.0 For Cell Phone

By: Infocellular
If you are one of the many Android fans who are pining to put Honeycomb on your phones, think again because BusinessWeek and Engadget confirmed that Google will not release the Android 3.0 source code in the near future. Google is merely maintaining its position on Android all along, by restricting Android to the devices it was designed for.

Google has long since insisted that earlier version of Android isn't for tablets, but manufactures quick adapted the source code to slates. At that time, Google could only deny access to Gmail, Maps and Android Market, which it exercised regularly but this time around it sounds like Mountain View, is simply withholding Honeycomb so it won’t end up on phones, or at least phones that Google doesn’t want it to be on.

However, it could be just Honeycomb isn’t ready for the masses yet without some help from OEM, as Honeycomb for smartphone support is far from being done. And the finished Motorola Xoom still has a few software problems for Google to iron out.

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