BlackBerry Z10 sales in UK off to a strong start

By: Infocellular
We are still in the very early days of Research In Motion’s attempted rebirth, so it’s impossible to make even a reasonably accurate call on its prospects. But some early sales data suggests that the company, which is rebranding itself BlackBerry after its best-known smartphone, may be seeing strong demand for the Z10, the first of two BlackBerry 10 handsets it will roll out in the coming months.

According to channel checks conducted by Jefferies & Co., preorders in the United Arab Emirates and Canada have so far been “solid.” More encouraging, though, are early reports from the U.K., where Z10 sales are evidently off to a good start. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reports lines outside a number of U.K. retailers selling the device, and says that sell-outs of the white Z10 have been widespread. The black Z10 is easier to come by, but Misek says that with that device, too, stocks are limited.

The sales BlackBerry Z10 are expected to reach at least several hundred thousand units and if the Z10 experiences similar success in the US, which is a market five times larger than UK, BlackBerry could well be back in the competition.

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