LG Develop MeeGo

By: Infocellular
MeeGo operating system has been neglected Nokia who prefer to develop smartphones a Windows Phone 7 (WP7)-based. But that does not mean MeeGo then lose enthusiasts. They begin to look for potential partners such as LG.

Initially, MeeGo is a project made ​​by Nokia with Intel. When Nokia ensuring choose WP7, Intel had been promised would continue to develop MeeGo and seek partners other than Nokia.

Valtteri Halla, MeeGo development group members said, previously dominant role of Nokia in MeeGo make other phone vendors nevertheless use MeeGo. But not anymore. Halla claiming LG Electronics has joined to develop a version of the MeeGo handset, together with ZTE and China Mobile.

LG spokesman confirmed they helped develop MeeGo. But for now, the South Korean vendors are not planning to mass produce MeeGo gadgets. Also unexplained is whether the devices including smartphones.

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