ZTE Criticize Microsoft Corp.

By: Infocellular
Although already having a big name, does not mean Microsoft is always received positive ratings from other vendors. Evidence, ZTE to release steam-related companies owned by Bill Gates and his Windows 7 Phone.

As quoted from the Wall Street Journal on Monday (3/21/2011), ZTE said that the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) will not become quite popular handset in the world. This is because Microsoft is not responding to key issues related to problems of copy-paste update issue, and some bugs.

ZTE Mobile Device Operations Director, Wu Sa explained that his company was not quite happy with what Microsoft does to faces issues that seem slow updates.

He also explained that there are several factors that make the WP7 would be acceptable to the market quickly. First is the market demand itself, WP7 display a user-friendly, and how many business networks are built.

Currently, ZTE has been producing Android phones. ZTE's newest product called Skate, which carry the Android Gingerbread. It seems that mobile phone vendors from China was targeted OS WP7 in the future.

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