Sony Ericsson Focus On The Smartphone

By: Infocellular
Although the mobile phone market to lower middle class (low end) is very high demand in Indonesia, did not make the Sony Ericsson turned away. Company merger between Sony and Ericsson that have been aged 10 years and is now focused on the smartphone products.

Djunadi Satrio, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Indonesia to explain the reasons Sony Ericsson's focus on the smartphone to upper middle market. He said the company's data shows that the trend of mobile phone sales in Asia Pacific, more than 50 percent of products sold are a class of smartphones. "We believe our strategy in accordance with the trend," he said.

In addition, clear Djunadi, Sony Ericsson now also focus on developing platform-based smartphone with Androidthough still will be releasing a multiplatform smartphone as its global strategy . This is also supported by trends that Android is now the largest operating in the world for smartphones.


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