Polytron Launched Mobil Phone Soon

By: Infocellular
Success with household electronic products, as well as audio and video devices, and has been offering its products for 33 years in Indonesia, PT Hartono Istana Technology is a decent local producers thumbs up. Having factory in Sayung, Semarang and Kudus, famous brand manufacturers with Polytron is even strong enough to withstand the onslaught of Korea and Japanese brands in stock homeland.

One and a half years ago and then came the idea to expand into businesses that are so trend in the sector of digital devices ie the mobile phone business. "A lot of preparation we do, including preparing its people," said Haryono, Managing Director of PT Hartono Istana Technology.

Here is few category has been patented:

Wizard Series have Android OS, for high end level.
Graffiti Series. The one is Polytron Graffity PG2000T has dual SIM card, touch screen, and 2 MP camera. this phone sold for Rp 749.000,-. The other is Polytron Graffiti PG3000T additional has TV Analog feature and capability for Wi-fi.
Glozz Series. ie Polytron Glozz PG5000Q. it is clamshell phone has 2 display, the one 2,4 inci color display, and the other 1,1 inci OLED display. Glozz PG5000Q is sold for Rp 890.000,-
Genio series. ie Polytron Genio PG1000Q, dual SIM phone with 4 color choice, it is sold for Rp 375.000,-. Polytron Genio PG1100Q, has similiar specifications with Polytron Genio PG1000Q. this phone sold for Rp 399.000,-. Another variant is Polytron Genio PG3000Q it has many features like 1,3 MP camera, and 0,3 MP camera in front, plus TV Analog, and then Wi-Fi technology. Polytron Genio PG3000Q is sold for Rp 669.000,-


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