Battery Watch Application For Blackbbery Device

By: Infocellular
Often when phone charging, users forget to monitor it. As a result, even though the battery is fully charged, the gadget itself is not removed from the electric outlet.

If so, the user actually own the aggrieved. Therefore, a waste of energy and make sure the battery is not lasting.

Luckily, for you BlackBerry users, there is an application called BatteryWatch. From the name alone was predictable, this application will be a kind of supervisor for your BlackBerry battery.

BaterryWatch will issue funny sounds when the BlackBerry battery installed this application is fully charged, when just connecting to the mains.

Quite interesting is not it? BatteryWatch indeed simple applications, but this free application has a sizable advantage. That is to remind the user to immediately revoke his BlackBerry and charger from the electrical connections so as not to waste energy and maintain the durability of the battery itself.

Another feature of this application is able to tell you the battery temperature. Usually, if in normal circumstances be in the range of 25-30 degrees, whereas when it is charging can be up to 40 degrees Celsius. So feels a bit hot

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