AT&T Ready To Buy T Mobile For USD 39 Billion

By: Infocellular
Action major corporations in the telecommunications industry is ready to place in the United States. Ie, after one of the U.S. giant telecommunications - AT & T - plans to buy the T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom AG with a bid of USD 39 Billion.

If the transaction is successful, no doubt AT & T became ruler of the realm of U.S. cellular. Because, now AT & T recorded still came in second place under Verizon Wireless.

Now, with the acquisition of T-Mobile, AT & T will have 43% market share, from previously only 32%. That is, AT & T successfully shift in peak position from Verizon Wireless which currently has a 34.5% share of U.S. cellular market.

Tolaga Research Institute research project the AT & T will add 34 million customers with after buying the T-Mobile. So the more fattening the number of subscribers, currently at 96 million.

A source says, AT & T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson has met directly with Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann in December 2010 and then to discuss this transaction.

In fact, the source said adding that both sides have reached an agreement last week.

Unfortunately, the AT & T did not want to talk a lot about this acquisition plan. Stephenson only ensure that it has cleared regulatory affairs related to pushing through this transaction once declared that this agreement will save more than $ 40 billion.


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