University of California wants to give 1 million people a physical by smartphone

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Smartphones are becoming an important tool in fighting illness and disease

The ultimate goal for health care professionals is for a smartphone user to be able to have his or her smartphone help conduct a physical. Accessories could be utilized to look into a patient's ears, eyes and mouth and the phone could send pictures and information back to a doctor who could make a timely diagnosis upon receipt of the information. The University of California, San Francisco, is looking to sign up 1 million people in a study called Health eHeart Study. The goal is to see if mobile tracking of patients' heart rate and blood pressure can lower cardiovascular disease.

For many people with a fear of going to the doctor, using a smartphone might allow them to have their health checked for the first time in years. These people are so nervous about going to see a doctor, that their blood pressure actually rises sharply as soon as they step into the office. "White coat disease," as the condition is called, affects many people throughout the world. Even if a small percentage of those afflicted agree to a remote exam, a large number of lives might be prolonged or saved.

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