Sony i1 aka Honami cameraphone to land unlocked in the US this fall, alongside the 6.44" Togari phablet

By: Infocellular
Metal body with Carbon Fibre (XR5)
Android 4.2.2/whatever the next version is
IP58 certification
New Revamped UI
most beatiful xperia ever..(XR5)
While the IP58 certification sounds iffy, and we are at most likely to see IP57 like on the Xperia Z, there are also hints for dual stereo speakers, like on the HTC One, for instance. 
The Sony i1, alongside with the rumored 6.44" Togari phablet, are speculated to be sold in the US unlocked, rather than tied up to carrier contracts, as AT&T won't be carrying Sony gear, but for what price will these two alleged beauties land in September or October, is still anyone's guess.
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