Android's gaming service gets a fake invitation with a cool name (Google Playground)

By: Infocellular
The evidence here was flimsy to start, and even the original source, Android Guys, has reservations about the validity. The problems with the image are as follows: 1) There is no evidence that it came from Google's PR team, or really any clue where it came from at all. 2) This close to Google I/O, if there were an announcement planned for 9AM on the conference's opening day, we'd probably have better evidence for it. 3) You might think we should lead with this: the image is 100% shopped, and it isn't even a good one. 
You could look at the pixels and see the digital dirt, but we prefer to use FotoForensics (the more colorful the ELA, the more editing that has been done). As you can see, the image is totally fake. 
All that said, we do kind of like the name Google Playground for the service, so we wouldn't mind if that turned out to be real. 
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