The Successors Of Blackberry

By: Infocellular
A leaked picture shows clearly the presence of the BlackBerry device with full touch screen. This allegedly is the successor to the BlackBerry Storm. Previously known as the BlackBerry Monaco / Monza, when the market is predicted to name a BlackBerry Touch.

The existence of this handset has smelled from the beginning of 2011 complete with specifications. But this was the first appearance of its picture is very real, which the handset in a state of light. As quoted from GottabeMobile, Friday (4/1/2011), BlackBerry Touch will be available in GSM and CDMA versions.

BlackBerry Touch or whatever its name was later tested in a limited by technology website BGR. According to them, this handset slimmer, faster and sexier than its predecessor.

In addition, the touch screen on the BlackBerry Touch declared no longer rely SurePress. The users also can expect a touch screen is more convenient to use than the Storm.

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