Nokia & Microsoft Deal Finally Result

By: Infocellular
Nokia announced their Q1 financial results today and marked an increase in net sales and units shipped year over year. Operating profit however took a hit but the Microsoft/Nokia agreement was signed, making the deal official.

Speaking of the deal, here’s what it entails in short:

  • Nokia will deliver mapping, navigation and location based services to the Windows Phone 7 eco system. It doesn’t say if non-Nokia phones will get free navigation or not.
  • Nokia will provide imaging and hardware design expertise, carrier billing connections and receive payments for its intellectual properties.
  • Nokia will be paying royalties to Microsoft for each Windows Phone 7 device they make, but they’ll receive payments “in the billions” from Microsoft.
  • A Nokia-branded app store will be built on the Windows Marketplace infrastructure.

Microsoft and Nokia aim to secure “volume device shipments” in 2012.



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