Motorola Xoom Lost Far From iPad 2

By: Infocellular
Motorola Xoom was expected to be a worth competitor for iPad 2. In appearance and innards, this tablet computer is indeed promising. But Xoom so be on the verge of defeat to counter iPad 2 if measured by the number of sales .

According to estimates Deutcshe Bank, Motorola Xoom until now, or about two months since its debut has sold 100 thousand units. This result is quite in accordance with the target of Motorola, which Xoom sold in the range of 150 thousand units until the second quarter of 2011.

But the number of units sold is very far when compared with the iPad 2. Because on the first day of sales, IPAD 2 have been sold in the range of 300 thousand units.

Another factor that might make the slow sales of Xoom is a relatively expensive price, ie $ 800. Though this Honyecomb Android-based tablet actually gets a lot of positive reviews.


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