HTC Preparing 16Megapixel WP7

By: Infocellular
HTC has never been a competitor into the megapixel race, but this might change soon. According to e a short video ad HTC is preparing a 16 megapixel cameraphone running on Windows Phone 7.

HTC is working on a Windows Phone 7 model with an unprecedented 16-megapixel camera, according to the ad embedded below. Such a handset would double the pixel count of the company's highest-resolution devices, which currently top out at eight megapixels. Curiously, the model shown in the video is a dead ringer for the recently-released, Android-powered Desire S (except for the buttons, of course), so we suspect that it may be a placeholder for whatever the final hardware will end up being (HTC Ignite, perhaps?). Besides the camera resolution and the existence of dual LED flashes, none of this alleged phone's other specs were revealed.

Currently camera manufacturer Altek holds the crown for highest-resolution smartphone, with its 14-megapixel Altek Leo. Other OEMs, like Sony Ericsson, are trying to downplay megapixel count in favor of overall picture quality, as evidenced in the buzz building around the cam on the Xperia Arc.



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