iPad 2 Sales In First Day

By: Infocellular
U.S. consumers' enthusiasm to get iPad tablet 2 is still very high. On the first day of sales, on Friday (03/11/2011) local time, the queue in front of Apple Store in the various cities were elongated like new Apple products are usually begin to be released to the market.

The high response of consumer is a sign that the iPad two expected to succeed. Piper Jaffray, analyst Gene Muster, until menaikkna prediction that the tablet device it will sell 500,000 units in its first day sales. It is beyond thought.

He said long queues at some stores this time is longer than when the first iPad released. In a few shops and even a long queue of up to three times more than last year. For example, in the America Apple Store in Minneapolis, there are 334 people in line, whereas last year when the first version of the iPad only 105 people in line. On 5th Avenue, New York, the prospective buyers in line of iPad 2 reaches 1109 people, larger than last year 730 people.

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