Google Search app for the iPhone

By: Infocellular
Previously the Google Mobile app was in many ways, an app that was comprised of URLs linked to Google service. But Google has since renamed it Google Search app and you'll notice that the UI has gotten a revamped. It looks like a slick Google search page complete with the ubiquitous search tab. Google throws in a vertical, scrollable menu of categories on left-hand side, so when you specify search results like images, videos, news, and places.

After putting in your search term for instance, for 'recipes', you can bring out the category menu and choose 'shopping', and your results will be the option the purchase recipe book and other relevant purchases. The app also remembers your search much like the Safari browser.We tested Google Voice search, and we liked the accuracy of the recognition software, however, using this with close friends within your proximity is a good way not to look crazy. Google Goggles is added to the Search app too.



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