Depok to Cyber City

By: Infocellular
Many countries try to create Cyber City, for example in India, China and etc. Well, Indonesia seems does  not want to lose to develop cyber-based city. Preferred One is the Depok city, Depok will be developed to the Cyber City by the government in collaboration with universities.

Cyber City is said to have a common feature of hard work, high entrepreneur spirit, a strong fabric of information and funding system that encourages the growth of new companies in the field of IT..

Government through "Kementerian Perindustrian" try to encourage some of the city toward that direction. Utilization and development of the IT industry is believed to play a role as a contributor to revenues.

Viewing the current situation Depok thriving, Depok City Government pushing for developing the cyber city. Hope is growing in the presence of several supporting factors, among others:

- The existence of several universities around the Depok.
- Access to research centers in both the University and Research Institutions
- Availability of infrastructure that allows "life-style developer of IT"
- Places that allows a point of information exchange and discussion of the formation ideas.
- Access to the central business district that is easy.
- Access to the industrial centers of information technology service users.
- The spirit of work, persistence and high endurance shown by the students / alumni and employers.

Cyber City is not just a town full of IT facilities, but deemed necessary to support the community. To develop the Cyber City, the government of Depok invite educational institutions in Depok, one is Gunadarma University to participate in initiatives to develop the Cyber City Depok.


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