Apple Give Rating 17+ For Opera

By: Infocellular
Apple have allowed the desktop version of Opera's browser to get into a row of applications that can be downloaded via a Mac App Store. But strangely, Apple gave warning 17 +, which means that users under the age of 17 are advised not to download it.
Quoted from The Register, Monday (07/03/2011), is not clear why the labels are given at the Opera. Moreover, as a browser, it Seems no matter the harm of this application.

Differential treatment was done Apple for the Safari browser That in fact its own making. Safari is installed on the Apple Mac are not labeled all Kinds. Though more or less the Same feature with Opera.

Also Opera Party Announced That as an alternative, anyone cans Freely download the browser on its website. And even if hit rating 17 +, Opera browser remain in top spot applications are the most widely downloaded on the Mac App Store.



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