7 Reasons Why iPad 2 Get Bestselling

By: Infocellular
As expected, Apple iPad 2 get bestsellers and sold hundreds of thousands units in the first selling in the United States. Why iPad 2 can be so successful? Perhaps the factors below contribute to determine, as reported by eWEEK

1.Camera Enhancements
Its provided Front and rear camera a value-added for iPad 2. This is a refinement of the first generation though IPAD-selling, feel there is minus than the other tablets are equipped with cameras. Moreover, there is also support FaceTime from Apple for video chat.

2. Affordable Prices

Sale from USD 499, iPad 2 has a lower price tag than most tablets on the market. Although some of its features was reduced from IPAD 2 version with more expensive prices, so consumers who have a minimal budget still make it as their choices.

3. Factor Steve Jobs
IPad announcement by Steve Jobs himself. No doubt, Jobs is an icon, so caused to his existence, the publication iPad 2 increasingly noisy.

4. Color Options White

White color options make iPad 2 getting ogled. Unlike the iPhone 4 that the white version was likewise present, a white version of the iPad 2 sold since the first day of marketing. This is certainly beneficial to consumers who are bored with black.

5. Ignorance About Motorola Xoom

Xoom originally seen as an alternative worth iPad 2, if not better. Unfortunately Xoom ad campaigns were considered less successful that many consumers do not know about what's on offer this Honeycomb tablet. As a result, Xoom sales currently does not seem able to match the number of sales iPad 2.

6. Apple Strategies

Apple's strategy to update their products every year very successful. They seemed to understand what is required of consumers without the need to provide all the features. By doing this, Apple successfully attract old and new customers to buy its.

7. The Right Timing

Once again, Apple launched the tablet at the right time. They released their first iPad 2 more than most other tablets. So when a row of tablets from the big vendors began to sell, could be at that moment iPad 2 has dominated the market with a considerable distance.


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