Nokia E7 Communicator IDR 6 Million Worth

By: Infocellular
Latest business phones from Nokia, Namely Nokia E7, finally sold in Indonesia. Successor clan communicator is expected to be as successful as their predecessors who had triumphed in the market country.

Stylish Communicator, Nokia thus dub this new champ. Symbian OS-based phones are sold at a price quite expensive, ie IDR 5.999.000. Although expensive, the Nokia seems optimistic that this phone is sold in the country.

"Probably the first reason people to buy is because of a status symbol. But there are two more reasons for this phone deserves ogled, ie the existence of the usb on the go. Think how productive you are with this feature. Then the existence of many applications for E7," Andrea Facchini said, Head of Marketing Nokia Indonesia.

Phones that have a sliding keyboard looks quite interesting with a bandage on the stainless steel cover.
He has 8 megapixel resolution camera which reportedly capable to capture precious moments.

Full Specification and price Of Nokia E7

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