Motorola Xoom sued to court

By: Infocellular
Motorola Xoom start to distribute in US. But Motorola get a lawsuit related to names Xoom. Acompany named Xoom Corp, that proposed the lawsuit to Motorola in California District Court, United States. They claimed to have copyright on the name of Xoom so they accused motorola unlawful.
According to Xoom Corp. Xoom selection name by Motorola potentially to confused  the people who are familiar with Xoom Corp. and its business. Therefore the lawsuit was in lift for motorola to do not take the name of Xoom.

Business of Xoom Corp is on money transfer. They claimed had registered domain since 2003 and registered the copyright at 2004. And then, Motorola just use this name since 2010.
Quote from PC Mag, Xoom Corp is angry because motorola bought Xoom keyword in search engine online. So anyone who looking for Xoom will be see Motorola Xoom tablet in high rank search list. There has been no comment from Motorola about this.


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