Motorola Xoom prices

By: Infocellular
Motorola Xoom is reported by technology site Engadget will be sold from February 24, 2011 in the United States with the official price of USD 800. In IDR about 7 million rupiahs.

Motorola Xoom does have a feature class in it, but it costs eight hundred dollars!, "the surprise of the site Gizmodo.

Issue price was deemed sensitive in a fight in the tablet market. Moreover, Xoom eventually going to compete with BlackBerry Playbook and iPad 2. If iPad 2 or Playbook lower price, it is not impossible to ignore Xoom customers.
Motorola itself began to aggressively advertise xoom in the United State. They spit a lot of money to promote Xoom in the largest sporting event in the U.S., the Super Bowl. And anyway, Xoom expensive price because this tablet has various features classy and a step ahead of its rivals.


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