Video Blackberry Storm 3

By: Infocellular

The handset is touted as the BlackBerry Storm 3 start flirting. In a video, a gadget that has the nickname Monaco was trying to show off.
Sightings Storm 3 itself has been known since some time ago. But this time, the presence of the handset feels more real because of the present in video format.

Because carrying the family name 'storm', the BlackBerry Storm 3 course is designed with full touch screen navigation. Unlike the first version that relies on Storm SurePress technology, Storm 3 in the video can be seen already switched to a capacitive touch screen technology.

As a result, when the touch screen capabilities on display, running so smoothly follow the direction of sweep of the fingers is running.

Research In Motion (RIM) complete the Storm 3 with a trackpad and four basic buttons at the bottom of the face, ie that serves to lift and close the phone, menu and back buttons.

Want to try out soon? Unfortunately, you still have to be patient. Because, according to news circulating, RIM will be releasing this handset in September 2011.

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