The AT&T Captivate finally getting the Froyo treatment

By: Infocellular

Today is the day that the Samsung Captivate is getting Android 2.2 Froyo. And it's been a long wait for the owners of the phone, considering the Galaxy S got its upgrade last year.
Here's hoping this time around the update process will be smoother. As you might remember a week ago we saw the update published but AT&T pulled it out as it caused some issues. Samsung is definitely on a bad update streak.

This really reflects bad on customers that expect timely updates of their phones. No one likes to wait around, while everyone else enjoys the new goodies for months.
AT&T has posted the information for the upcoming update, along with instructions, on their official Facebook page. So be sure to check it out if you're one of the "lucky" ones to own the Captivate on the AT&T network.



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